Consumer Rights

Bankruptcy Filings
If you have experienced a catastrophic life event that is financially devastating, such as medical expenses, divorce, job loss, or death of the family’s wage earner, you may find yourself overwhelmed by a range of financial problems. Budget planning and debt maintenance may be possible but, if not, bankruptcy may be necessary. We work with individuals to analyze their financial problems, and, if appropriate, represent them in Chapter 7 bankruptcies.

Mortgage Foreclosure Defense
Western New York has been extremely hard hit by the mortgage foreclosure crisis. Many homeowners are victims of bad loans while others, after falling behind due to temporary pay cuts, were caught up in overwhelming fees and penalties. In order to ensure that homes are not lost unjustly, New York State instituted mandatory settlement conferences. Homeowners can now obtain loan modifications under judicial review through a process that requires lenders to negotiate in good faith.

Legal Aid works in conjunction with the Western New York Law Center and the Center for Elder Law and Justice in the Foreclosure Prevention Project of Western New York to cover residential foreclosure defense throughout the region. Financial hardship packages are prepared with the assistance of certified housing counseling agencies. This group defends mortgage foreclosures throughout Western New York. As part of the project, the Legal Aid Bureau primarily covers cases in Erie and Niagara Counties.

Please contact our office if you need assistance at 716-853-9555.

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