We represent qualifying homeowners facing code violation actions, landlord/tenant matters, and tax foreclosure.


Unsafe Living Conditions

Housing in Western New York is old and, in many municipalities, badly neglected. Tenants and homeowners struggle to balance affordability and safety. Many clients do not know the rights they have to safe and habitable housing. We represent qualifying homeowners facing code violation actions and assist them to get the financial help the need to address all health and safety concerns.


These cases are a major concern when attempting to provide stability for indigent families. Underemployment, sub-standard housing stock and absentee landlords complicate housing choices. Many tenants do not know legal defenses they may have. Tenants in town and village courts often proceed without legal representation during eviction proceedings. Landlords are often living below the self-support reserve as well. Many are elderly, retired, widowed, and renting to tenants without knowing how to protect themselves. We can provide assistance in your housing matters – whether it’s legal representation, assisting you with finding new housing, or just answering basic questions on landlord/tenant matters.

Tax Foreclosure

The City of Buffalo holds an annual tax foreclosure sale for homes with outstanding taxes, user fees or water bills. This process targets the poorest homeowners in our community. We can assist qualifying homeowners in Buffalo to avoid foreclosure.

Housing Discrimination

The Buffalo-Niagara region is the 6th most segregated metropolitan area in the nation. Many home seekers searching for housing can face many barriers based on a myriad of factors. We can assist victims of housing discrimination find justice.

If you need assistance, contact our office to find out if you qualify for our services at 716-853-9555.


Unless otherwise indicated, our services are available to qualifying individuals in the Eighth Judicial District, which includes the counties of Erie, Niagara, Genesee, Allegany, Wyoming, Chautauqua, Orleans, and Cattaraugus.